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Sinead Hegarty launches instant hit Brave Retreats

DATE: 16/12/19

COUNCIL AREA: Strabane District Council

ENTERPRISE AGENCY: Strabane Enterprise Agency


Local Social Media Influencer Sinead Hegarty has expanded her entrepreneurial efforts in the launch of her Brave Retreats business. Completing the Go For It Programme in collaboration with the Strabane Enterprise Agency, we are thrilled to have helped Sinead as she moves her empowering and positive brand to the next level.

Sinead launched Brave Retreats with the goal to encourage young women to travel solo, to push outside their comfort zones, and to discover their own authentic power. Having travelled extensively herself Sinead has immersed herself in studies of human behaviour and is passionate about encouraging and facilitating young women in finding their path outside of the traditional route to full-time employment. Throughout her travelling, Sinead had participated in a few retreats and felt that she could offer something similar with a focus on self-development. While she had an established brand through her YouTube channel and Brave Brunches, Sinead was unsure of how to take the leap into a new business and decided to start with a meeting at Go For It.


“I didn’t have a clue how to start my own business. At the start, I didn’t even know how to describe the business idea”.

Regular meetings with Orla McNulty, her business advisor within Strabane Enterprise Agency and the Go For It Programme helped Sinead to work through the process of developing her own business plan, deep-diving into the financial model behind her business, pricing considerations and intensive market research.

“At first everything was in my head and now it’s all on paper. It makes me feel more secure and safe and having someone to help along the way makes all the difference”.

Sinead went on to complete the Go For It Programme and launch her Brave Retreats and has been delighted with the immediate success of it.

“Fast forward my first retreat went live in October and it sold out in 6 minutes with a waiting list of 2000 people to go on the next adventure with me!”

A great start for an exciting new business.

The Go For It programme is delivered free of charge by a team of experienced business mentors through Northern Ireland’s wide network of enterprise agencies. It provides expert advice and help with developing a robust business plan to help turn ideas into a commercial enterprise.


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